SHEPHERDSON Families of Yorkshire

For those who are tracing their Yorkshire ancestors with a surname beginning with the letters 'S' through 'Z'
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Post by gary56 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:24 pm

I have just started to research Stephenson families of Kilham. I am descended from John b abt 1815 Kilham, occ Tailor, wife Eliza. Is there any connection



Tracy Williams
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Post by Tracy Williams » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:55 pm

My SHEPHERDSONs go back to my 6 x great grandfather George SHEPHERDSON born About 1705 Wintringham, Yorkshire, England died 1784 buried 30/3/1784 Wintringham.
My ggg grandfather Robert Shepherdson born East Heslerton, Yorkshire, England emmigrated to Australia with his wife Mary Thomson and their 5 children (number 6 born at sea)in 1849
Any connections would love to hear from you.

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Post by roy142857 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:41 pm

Just posting this in case it helps someone 'make a connection'

Margaret Goldie Shepherdson was born in Driffield in 1892

Births Sep 1892 Shepherdson Margaret Goldie Driffield 9d 350

She was the daughter of Herbert Shepherdson and Agnes Ann Veitch

Marriages Sep 1889
SHEPHERDSON Herbert Driffield 9d 497
Veitch Agnes Ann Driffield 9d 497

(They can be found in the 1911 census)

In 1920 she is in Western Australia, marrying John Francis Ullyott who had been born in Kilham in 1891:

From Western Mail, 20 May 1920:
Marriages ... ULLYOTT-STEPHENSON On May 15 at St Mary's Perth, by the Rev. Edward Makeham, John Francis Ullyott of Bendering, Western Australia to Margaret Goldie Shepherdson of Stockport, England.

At some stage they moved to Victoria, where their son Edward died:

Sale, Victoria Cemetary register:
9214 ULLYOTT Edward 28Y [died]00/00/1950 [buried]13/01/1950 3 K 31 Son of John Francis Ullyott & Margaret Goldie Shepherdson. Died in Sale,

Ian Soanes
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Post by Ian Soanes » Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:09 pm

Are you Roy from Slade Green?

If so, I live less than a mile away from you.

If I'm right, I also think you have Bradley ancestors. Are your Bradleys from East Yorkshire?


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Post by TIMVAL » Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:26 pm

Hi my name is Valerie Williams nee Shepherdson
My Father was Ernest Shepherdson he is now passed
my aunt val lives in barmby moor
my uncle name is tony ,dougie,and john
my aunts
I just found this about simon
Simon Shepherdson. My Father John was born in 1938 in Pocklington, Yorkshire. He was a fireman with the RAF, he was posted to Nairobi where he met his first wife Helena, who is my mother.
I have two brother, Jeremy and Nigel, lus two sisters, Janet and Teresa.

He had brothers Ernie, Dougie and Tony, and sisters, one is called Val who was marrie to Tony Kirby.

My father moved to Valencia about 6 years ago and passed away last month

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Post by Judith » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:34 am

quote:Originally posted by sgilpin
My grandmother was Laura Shepherdson,born Driffield, 1897, daughter of Robert Shepherdson,b. Driffield and Diana Cappleman born in Filey. She came to Canada about 1915. I will be visiting Driffield soon and would appreciate any info. Thanks, Sue

Suzanne Gilpin

Hi Suzanne
I see that I also have your grandmother, Laura Shepherson, on my family tree as a 2nd cousin twice removed. She is there as she is a descendant of Robert Bell, as I am. Have you done much research on the Bell family? I hope to hear from you. Regards Judith

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Post by plook » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:57 am

I have the following Shepherdsons in my tree:
Thomas c1746 married Jane Webourn
John 1772 married Mary Hornby1774
Thomas 1774
Elizabeth 1775
Jane 1776-1780
Francis 1776
Mary 1779
Jane 1786
Edward 1788-1849
Elizabeth 1792
Benjamin 1796-1870

John Shepherdson and Mary Hornby
Francis 1796 married Mary Bays 1796
George 1826
Hannah 1828
Bays 1828
Hornby 1830 Married Mary Cooper 1863
Betsy 1832 Married Thomas Woodmansy 1814-1900
Dianna 1833-1909
James 1834
Jane 1836
Hannah 1837
Mary 1841-1842
James 1845
Mary 1850

Janet Lovegrove
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Post by Janet Lovegrove » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:09 am

I do have a lot of info on your family line. However, I can tell you that Thomas SHEPHERDSON & Jane WELBURN are not the parents of John who married Mary HORNBY. This Thomas and Jane married 1786 in Kirkburn. They are part of SHEP Family 2. Your John SHEPHERDSON who married Mary HORNBY was born in 1774 in Sherburn and is part of SHEP Family 1. Please contact me at so that we can share and exchange info.

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Post by roy142857 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:56 pm

Ian Soanes wrote:Are you Roy from Slade Green?

If so, I live less than a mile away from you.

If I'm right, I also think you have Bradley ancestors. Are your Bradleys from East Yorkshire?

Talk about slow replying! I'd forgotten about this post until recently! Yes re Slade Green, I know a couple of people In Wessex and Ranworth ...

My Bradley were certainly from East Yorkshire in the 20th century, been struggling before that but possibly Lincolnshire ...

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Re: SHEPHERDSON Families of Yorkshire

Post by Confused » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:37 am

Dear Val,
I know yourpost was a long time ago..
I was interested as you talked about your grandparents moving to Romford. I don't know much about my family as they kept things secretut I know my grandmother was Barbara (kept secret). Her son was Brian Shepherdson raised as her brother. He had two children with Vivian Hart, me Jane Shepherdson and Nigel Shepherdson. It's possible I am not the biological daughter, but noone can tell me.. my brother be doesn't want to do the DNA. I am still interested in the family.
Jane Shepherdson

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