John Care was 12 years old RAF Driffield

If you used to live in Driffield, and have moved on, why not drop a quick note and let everyone know how you are getting on.
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John Care was 12 years old RAF Driffield

Post by dschoon » Tue Jan 27, 2015 4:06 pm

Father was Sqn Ldr J CARE DFC

lived on station BASE camp

#4 OMQ

Father was on the red buttons 4 missile lauch with one USAF officier COLD WAR era THOR & BLUE STREAK ICBM missiles at Driifield Full Sutton Carnaby

Mother Pipp played Tennis in the Yorkshire league
But she learnt to bowl on base at 4 lane starlight club

By 1964 she was captain the GB tenpin team Bowling at European Championships and World Championships 1965 Malmo SWEDEN they won both
She also beat all the men & women to win the Scottish OPEN

was regular on ITV sunday WORLD of SPORT
was international 30 years Team GB and England seniors


John in Singapore derivates trader Nigel in Dorset retired looks like George Clooney
at DRIFFIELD school 1962 cica age 12
friends goal keeper Roger Sedman Paul Stabler Richard Theakston Eric Woodmansey center half Williamson john care >> names owen - nicolson -leach- dean ....from the football team i posted picture team somewhere plus its in one my 3 videos below circa 1962 ages 12
i was takling to Paul Stabler @ Driffield REC in the 90's in regular email contact with Roger Sedman he in South CHINA seas SHANGHAI SINGAPORE

pretty girl #1 SUSAN GRICE AYE UP !!

MADE this video 6 years ago about ICBM at DRIFF plus capital of the wolds

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