Surname Johnson,Holmes,Cross,Biggins & Anderson

For those who are tracing their Yorkshire ancestors with a surname beginning with the letters 'J' through 'R'
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Surname Johnson,Holmes,Cross,Biggins & Anderson

Post by Keith49 » Sun Apr 05, 2009 12:57 pm

In 1877 my ancestor William Johnson Holmes left the South Dalton area for Australia. He was born as Jeremiah Holmes in 1848 in Lockington, but his dad ( also called Jeremiah Holmes) died prior to his birth & he was bought up by his mothers (Hannah ) parents – the Johnson family of South Dalton. He appeared to of changed his name to William Johnson Holmes – taking his mothers father’s name , William Johnson.
William Johnson had his own natural sons – Robert Johnson, Francis Johnson and James Johnson. Who each were born around 1817, 1826 and 1831 respectively. So does anyone know any “now” living Johnson’s with these names as ancesters. If so I would love to meet you on a visit to Yorkshire in a few months, plus would love to correspond.
Also the sister of my relative Jeremiah Holmes/William Johnson Holmes was Margaret Ann Holmes who in 1866 married a Henry Anderson in Lund – so are there any Andersons with a Henry Anderson as there ancestor ?
The mother of my relative ( Hannah Johnson) later married again to a John Biggins in 1852 and had a son also called John Biggins – so are there any Biggins with a ancestor John Biggins.
The daughter of the above Robert Johnson – Sarah Johnson married a John Cross in 1868 in Beverley – so are there any Cross families with a John Cross as a ancestor?

I really would like to receive an email if anyone can relate to any of the above or knows someone who could assist me.
My email address is

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Re: Surname Johnson,Holmes,Cross,Biggins & Anderson

Post by irene56 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:47 am

Hello Keith,
My name is Irene Chase. My grandmother was Louisa Elizabeth Holmes who married Ernest William Chase. My father was Alan Chase. Alan passed away in 2013, and we came across some information, in the form of letters and information on the Holmes family. I came across this post and I would like to say thank you for all of the information provided by you for our tree. It is wonderful to be able to say hello and thanks, at last.
Kind regards, Irene Chase

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