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More language from Hull with translations:-

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:56 pm
by grinwolf

Me owziz on fiyer darl narn narn narn - "My house is ablaze. Please alert the emergency services"
Fiyer injin - (Result of the above)
Arv been brokken into - "My house has been burgled"
Gorra curled - I'm a bit stuffed up today"
Arfarted - "A lack of commitment", OR "I have broken wind"
Armalite - "Type of rifle" OR "My trousers are on fire"
Av ad parls - "I have been suffering from haemorrhoids"
Arv bust me trowziz - "My trousers appear to have split"


Worrawolly - "I feel this person has made a fool of himself"
I'ii bray yer eddin - "I may become aggressive"
I'll clip yer lug 'ole - "Do be quite"