The language of Hull, with translations

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The language of Hull, with translations

Post by grinwolf » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:01 pm

, Ellur, arm from 'ull - "Good morning, I am from Hull
Summatup? - "Is there something troubling you?"
Parnta marld - "A glass of dark beer"
Arfa Larga - " A small glass of beer of continental origin"
Sner Berl - "An egg - based liqueur from Holland"
Canaborryit? - "May I borrow it?"
It's marnanall - "I am claiming joint - ownership"
Shurrup orral bray yer - "I reccomend that you stop talking immediately"
Yer for - ever mernin' - "You do complain a lot"
Ayer gorra bruvva? - "Have you got a male sibling?"
Watsyer bruvva carled? - "What is his name?"
Ner smurkin - "You are not allowed to smoke"
Arm off erm now, tarrar - "An indicationof imminent departure"

Stop balling yered off ! - "Be quite"
Mimmams gunner chowatmi - "I shall be in severe trouble with my mother"
She's rurin' ered off - "She is very upset"
Urmanaway - "An Australian Soap Opera"
Fern Curls - "Telecommunications" also "Curdlessferns"
'Ull Delly Mell - Hull's local newspaper"

Goangeridded - "Invitation to play a game of Hide and Seek"
Giz a croggie - "Request for a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle"
Baggs foggy! - "I would like to go first"
Ullefsee - "Rugby team" (Hull F.C.)
Bluddytargers! - Hull City have lost again"
Urnly furls anurses! - "Popular comedy B.B.C. TV series"
Radiur Umbersard - "BBC Local radio station"

Gizza pennith 'gammy fruit - "Could I please have some of these bruised apricots"
Ar gorrit for narn narty narn - "It cost me nearly ten pounds"
It dunt tek farvs - " This vending machine will not take my 5p coin"
Goin on rerd - "Going Shopping"
'Ezzle rerd - "Local thoroughfare: Hessle Road"
Boyziz - "Local chain store: Boyes"
British Erm Stairs - Local chain store: Bhs"
Curlslur - "Sliced cabbage in vinegar/ mayonnaise"
Kaylie - "Sherbert"
Spanish - "Liquorice"

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