For those who are tracing their Yorkshire ancestors with a surname beginning with the letters 'A' through 'I'
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Have a G/G/G/Uncle Edmund Norris born 1857 Aike, married Sarah Escritt Beverley Minster 21 October 1878 daughter of James Potter Escritt she was bapt 22 June 1859 Beswick. He died 1881 aged 23yrs.
Phil Andrew.

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Post by Kado » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:26 pm

Hi, I too have been researching the Escritt family for approx 18 years. I am descended from John Escritt(Eskrick) bap. 1790 in Hutton Cranswick, the son of William & Hannah.

I have only just registered on this site but would like to answer a couple of queries, to the best of my knowledge.

Zoej : I have been researching together with a lady who is directly descended to a sibling of Elizabeth Foster, ie. Foster Escritt. If you need any info, please ask.

lubok : Re: Robert Escritt b. 1759. I don't know if this helps, but the following info is from the Bainton Parish Registers:

Baptism: Matthias 10 Aug 1779 parents Robert & Hellen Escrit
Burial: 23 Jan 1786 Eleanor wife of Robert Escriet, Labourer
Burial: 27 April, 1787 Matthias son of Robert Escrit, Labourer
Marriage: 26.Nov 1789 Robert Eskrit otp of Kirkburn, widower, and Elizabeth Holiday otp, spinster were married by Licence.
Burial: 12 April 1794 Elizabeth wife of Robert Eskritt
Marriage: 6 July, 1795 Robert Eskrit otp, widower married Jane Loftus, widow.

plook: According to your information, William who married Hannah Jennison was born c. 1766 but in the burial records of Hutton Cranswick, when he died in 1831 his age was given as 82 which would give a birth of c. 1749. There was a child William born to Wm and Elizabeth Eskret in 1782 together with the burial of Wm, son of William Eskerett and Elizabeth his wife of Hutton in 1784 and the burial of Elizabeth, wife of William Escret also in 1784. In 1785 he then married Hannah Jennison. It may well be that you know something that I don't and any information that you would be willing to share with me, would be greatly appreciated.


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Post by plook » Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:40 am

Thanks Kay- I will check my records.

zoe j
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*Zoej : I have been researching together with a lady who is directly descended to a sibling of Elizabeth*

Hi Kado, do you know who Elizabeth Foster b.abt 1845 - Southburn/Cranswick? East Yorks, married? I believe she was Foster Eskritts sister.

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Post by Kado » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:37 am

Hi Zoe, I am mainly researching Escritt but will write to the other lady about Elizabeth Foster. However, I've been looking at the census and other records and saw that somebody has a tree on Ancestry with Elizabeth married a George Staveley in Dec. 1864. George died in 1879 and Elizabeth Staveley married a Robert Martin in Dec Qtr 1884.
This last marriage doesn't show up in free bmd but I browsed the records for that quarter and found Elizabeth. Hope this helps.

zoe j
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Kado Thanks, your information did help. Hope you have an enjoyable easter weekend.

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quote:Originally posted by plook

Jonathan Escreek1680 Married Mary Weathered 1680
Children: John 1706
Married Margritt NYK c1680 Tunstall
Children: Margritt c1709;Robert1711;Johnathan 1713;Jane 1715

Jonathan Escreet 1713 Married Jane Hogg c1715
Children: Johnathan1734; Margaretc1736; Michaelc17173

Jonathan Escrett 1734 Married Mary NYKc 1735
Children: Jane 1759; Margaret 1760;John 1765; William 1766; John 1769; Robert 1771

Jane Escret1759 married John Cross 1759
Margaret 1760 married William Drew 1760
William 1766 married Hannah Jennison c1740
Children: William 1786; James 1786; John 1790; Mary 1793; Robert 1795; Thomas 1798; Hannah 1802:Sarha c1804

William 1786 Married Ferronion Hall 1794
John 1790 married Mary Potter c1792
Mary 1793 married William Robson 1790
Thomas married Mary Purdon c1798
Hannah married Anthony Horner 1795

William 1786 and Ferronion Hall 1794 (Kilham)
Children: John1812; Joel 1813-1888; Naomi 1815; Selina 1818; Hannah1820; Miriam 1822; Maria 1824; Cyrus 1815 Louise

Joel 1813-1888 married Elizabeth Whitehead 1813-1894 (Cranswick)
Children: Ann 1837;William 1840; john 1845;Francis 1847;Cyrus1849; Elizabeth 1851

Ann 1837 married Peter Shaw 1842
William 1840 married Isabelle c1840
Henry1842 Married Hannah NYK c 1845
Francis1847 Married Mary Holgate 1851

William 1840 and Isabella c1840? no children

Henry 1842 and Hannah c1845
Children: Elizabeth 1865
John 1865 henry 1869 Ada 1872

Emily 1876 married
James Kendrew Leeds, Yorkshire, England
1875 - 1916 (my stepfather's father)
Children - Lily, Harry, James and Ivy

Jane 1870 Hannah 1883

Francis 1847 and Mary Holgate 1851 ( Ferrybridge)
Children: Maria 1868; Francis 1871;Christopher 1874;Ernest 1881;William 1884;Lillian; 1887

Francis 1871married Florence lane 1872
Christopher 1874 married ester Polson c1873
Lillian 1887 married john Cawthorne 1886 ( Norton )

Francis 1871 and Florence Lane 1872
Children; Hilda 1891;Frances 1893; frank1894; Florance 1894;Georgina 1895; Percy 1896;Doris 1897;Dorothy1898; Ernest 1899;Wilfred 1901-1904;Thomas 1906; Leonard 1910;Leslie 1913
Nellie 1915;

Christopher 1874b and Ester Poulson 1873 (Ferrybridge)
Children: Arthur 1890;Phylis 1892; Lillian 1898; Claud 1903; Horace 1906

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Post by Kado » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:32 pm

Can anyone help me PLEASE? I have been trying to make a connection between the Escritt/Eskrick etc. families of Skerne, Hutton and Great Driffield, among others. Below are some of the facts I have obtained from looking at the Parish Registers in Beverley and the IGI.

PR. Skerne and Hutton Cranswick - Marriage - Michael Eskrit and Susanna Tweed 15 Nov. 1736, both of Skerne, after publication of Banns. This entry was in both Skerne and Hutton Cranswick. (IGI says Ann Fond, but was definitely Susanna Tweed)
PR. Skerne - Burial - Susanna wife of Michael Eskert 6 Apr 1737.
PR. Skerne - Burial - Michael Eskrit 3 July 1765
PR. Great Driffield - Marriage - William Eskritt of the parish of Skerne and Elizabeth Huddlestone of this parish were married by Banns 8 April 1777. Witness Thos. Huddlestone
PR. Great Driffield - Baptism - Michael son of William Eskcritt & Elizabeth 13 Aug. 1777
IGI. Great Driffield - Marriage - Thomas Huddlestone married Jane Leason 24 Mar. 1755
IGI Great Driffield - Baptism - Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Houdelston 3 April 1755
IGI North Frodingham - Baptism Jane daughter of William Eskrick 20 May 1781
PR. Hutton Cranswick - Baptism - William son of William Eskret of Hutton, Labourer, and Elizabeth his wife 16 Dec. 1782
PR. Hutton Cranswick - Burial - Wm son of William Eskerett of Hutton and Elizabeth his wife. 11 Jan 1784
PR. Hutton Cranswick - Burial - Elizabeth wife of William Escret 7 Nov 1784
PR. Hutton Cranswick - Marriage - William Eskcritt & Hannah Jennison, both of this parish, were married by Banns in the church, 20 Nov. 1785
PR. Hutton Cranswick - Marriage - Jane Eskritt married John Smith 15 Nov. 1803
PR. Hutton Cranswick - Burial - William Escritt 14 Aug. 1831 Age 82

Questions that I have are:

Did Michael Eskrit remarry and have children? If so, where? (There was a baptism in Skerne 23 Feb. 1761 Betty daughter of Michael Eskritt)

Was William who married Elizabeth Huddlestone in Great Driffield the son of Michael, given his first born son was named Michael?

Was Jane bap 1781 in North Frodingham, the daughter of William & Elizabeth, given Elizabeth's mother was called Jane?

Could William Eskritt and Elizabeth Huddlestone be the William and Elizabeth in Hutton Cranswick?

Any help or thoughts on the above would be greatly appreciated, and I am willing to help anyone if I can.

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Post by stephenpotter » Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:19 am ... -0001.html

does this tree help with the search for escritt's

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Post by Kado » Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:57 pm

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for the link but I already have family down from William and Hannah Escritt. As a matter of interest, I am descended from John Escritt (Eskrick) who married Mary Potter 30 Dec. 1810 in Hutton Cranswick. Mary was the daughter of a John Potter and Jane Bugg. Are they connected to your family?

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