Foord Bowes and Tophams

For those who are tracing their Yorkshire ancestors with a surname beginning with the letters 'A' through 'I'
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Obituary, The Gentleman's Magazine, Oct. 1812 p.404:

"Major-general Foord Bowes. From Gibraltar he volunteered his services originally in the cause of Spain, and at the battle of Vimiera he received the public thanks. When again second in command at Gibraltar, he petitioned for leave to act under Lord Wellington, to which the Commander-in-chief assented; and, leaving his family, he went to Spain.

At the storming of Badajoz he was wounded in two places, shot through the thigh and bayoneted, and had his aide-de-camp, Capt. Johnson, killed by his side. On recovering from his wounds, after a severe confinement, he again went forward; and, at the storming of Fort St. Cayetano, where he headed his brigade (so eager was he that all should go right) he was amongst the first wounded. Taken from the field to have his wound dressed, he heard his men were repulsed; on which, instantly returning to cheer and push them forward, he was shot; and thus has fallen an officer, who, on every possible occasion, sought service, and was only too forward to distinguish himself."

Source: Register of Dead Officers: "Killed at Salamanca, 23 June 1812."

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Re: Foord Bowes and Tophams

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The Rev. Timothy Fyshe Foord-Bowes had a sister, Dorothy, who married George Dodsworth on 04 Sep 1798 at Beverley Minster. He was Lieutenant-Colonel commanding the 34th Regiment of Foot when he died on 04 Oct 1808 in Bellary, India.
She then married John Arthur Worsop on 26 Feb 1814 at Beverley St Mary & St Nicholas. They lived at Landford House, Wiltshire, and later in Southampton, where they died in 1851, within weeks of each other.
The Worsop family had estates at Luddington LIN, Doncaster, and Howden, and lived at Howden Hall from 1702 - 1849. They had a chequered history, including the inheritance of the Worsop estates by John Arthur (father of the above) on condition that he took the Worsop name.
I have more to share regarding the Worsop family, if anyone is interested.

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