mr potter

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mr potter

Postby jane omeara » Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:59 pm

hi all, does anyone remember a mr potter who lived in wansford in the local shop well the only shop , i lived there with my family joyce and bernard simmonds ,my dad was in the RAF and we lived at 'trout bridge' . just wondering if anyone remembers ,cheers jane simmonds
j omeara
jane omeara
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Postby stephenpotter » Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:29 pm

think mr potter and son buried at wansford, i was there recently and the chap with the key to the church remembered both father and son.
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Postby plook » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:43 am

Potter’ Jeremiah-RIP 7 Dec 1921 73yrs 467
Potter Esther RIP- 8 August 93yrs 467
Pte. Potter A.E RIP- 14 Nov 1918France 24yrs son

Potter Elizabeth RIP-18 March 1918 73yrs 468
Potter Lamplugh RIP- 12 Jan 1928 86yrs 468
Potter William 13 April 1878 3 ½ yrs son 468
Potter Frances Harriet RIP-22 Nov. 1884 10 months daughter

Potter Eliza 10 Jan 1862 22yrs 103

Potter William 23 Jan 1873 82yrs 125
Potter Catherine 20 Feb 1868 75yrs 125

Potter Thomas RIP-10Dec 1870 51yrs 126
Potter Martha RIP-7 July 1875 56yrs 126
Potter Mary Jane RIP-12 Oct 1867 13 Daughter
Potter Thomas May 5 1868 9 Son 126
Infancy Son 126
Infancy Daughter 126

Potter Pte W Served War Memorial 741
Nafferton and Wansford Monumental Inscriptions
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