What have you seen?

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What have you seen?

Postby Paul Sinclair » Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:56 am

Hello my name is Paul Sinclair and i am from bridlington. The reason i am sending this message is that i am searching for information about unexplained objects seen in the skies around east yorkshire. The term used by most people would be ufos. I do not expect everyone to share information or my views about these objects and suppose many reading this will snigger at the thought. That said i can assure you these things are real and seen in the skies around us often. Any information given would not be shared or placed on my web site www.ilfufo.com if that was what you wanted.
I have gained the trust of a few farmers and locals in the area and have spent many many hours out around cottam, langtoft and the staxton wold areas. I have to say that i am not alone in seeing these things, it is just the nature of this subject, and the embarrassment of talking about it that puts people off.
Please disregard this message if it is of no interest to you as i would not want to trouble you any further.
Regards Paul Sinclair

Wanting to hear about any UFO related info you may have from around this area.
Wanting to hear about any UFO related info you may have from around this area.
Paul Sinclair
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