Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines

Post by plook » Thu May 17, 2012 11:58 am

I understand that we need alternate forms of energy and understand that wind turbines have their place,in producing energy and in creating jobs, however I do not understand why ERYC are allowing wind turbines to be plonked all over the wolds.

On the one hand they, (ERYC), are promoting the East Riding as a place of tourism and natural beauty and on the other hand they allow wind turbines to effect the quality of life for those who live there placing them on horizons destroying the natural beauty of the wolds. Some villages are surrounded by them.

It may be a Governmental incentive to promote wind turbines but its our ERYC Planners that allow them to be placed where they are. Instead of farmers looking to wind turbines to improve their energy efficiency, why are they not looking at heat pumps, which are less obtrusive and cheaper to install.

We have a coastal region so wind turbines could be placed off shore, we have a river estuary with the second largest tidal surge in the UK that could be used to generate power. I am also aware that in Holland, where wind turbines have been operational for many years, are removing them for more productive forms of power generation.

In the 1960's tower blocks were regarded as the modern way of providing affordable housing only to be regarded as monstrosities 30 yrs later, I believe this will be the same for wind turbines.

I think we need a wind turbine in the Planning Department of ERYC to make use of all the hot air generated.

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