Harswell Parish, Rev Henry Mitton

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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades"
for MARKET WEIGHTON in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


Post Office, Market place, Market Weighton, James Holmes, Post master

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy,

Blow Rev. William (magistrate) Goodmanham
Botterill Mrs. Elizabeth, Northgate
Bradley Mr. Israel, Northgate
Burton Henry, esq. Hotham hall
Button Mrs. Sarah, Bridge
Calvert the Very Rev. Thomas, D.D. (vicar of Holme, and warden of Manchester)
Holme vicarage
Campbell Mr. William, Beverley road
Clugh John William, esq. North Newbald
Craven Mrs. ---, Southgate
Dixon Mr. Robert (steward to His Grace the Duke of Devonshire) Londesbrough
Flocker Rev. George, Southgate
Frith Mrs. Ann, Holme road
Hawkins Rev. ---, Londesbrough
Holmes Mrs. Mary, Holme
Howard the Honourable and Rev. William, rector of Londesbrough
Kair Rev. Andrew, Holme
Langdale Honourable Charles (magistrate) Houghton hall
Leighton Robert, esq. Goodmanham cottage
Mitchell Rev. Thomas (incumbent of Holme in the Wolds) Southgate
Mitton Rev. Henry (incumbent of Harswell) Market place
Pulleine Mrs. Ann, Fenkle st
Stillingfleet Rev. Edward, Hotham
Stourton the Honourable Philip, Holme hall
Turner Rev. John, Holme
Turner John, esq. Fenkle st
Tyson Mrs. Mary, Fenkle st
Vawser Miss Charlotte, Church lane
White Edward Moyser, esq. Hotham house
Wilson William, esq. Southgate
Winpenny Rev. R.C. (incumbent of Market Weighton) Fenkle st

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Brooksbank John (gentleman's day & boarding) Holme
Endowed School, Shipton --- Thomas Harrison, master
Kair Rev. Andrew (gentleman's boarding) Holme
Marshall Thomas, Southgate
Medd Thomas, Northgate
Midgley Ann, Church lane
Mosey Joseph, Market place
National School, Holme --- William Holmes, master ; Ann Marshall, mistress
Plummer Charlotte (ladies' day & boarding) Northgate
Richardson Luke ( gentleman's day & boarding) Northgate
Richardson Sarah (ladies' day & boarding) Northgate

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

Creamer Thomas, Market place
Thirsk James, Market place


Braithwaite William, Shipton
Hyde Francis, Market place
Johnson William (& white) Northgate
Mason John, Holme
Parkinson Marmaduke, Goodmanham
Pexton Thomas, Holme
Routledge Robert, Beverley road
Ward William, Shipton
Weatherill Peter, Northgate
Youhill Joseph, Holme
Youhill Joseph, jun. Fenkle st

Booksellers & Stationers,

Crabtree John (& printer) Market place
Mosey Joseph, Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

Craven Thomas, Market place
Dunn William, Shipton
Falkingham James, Holme
Hembrough Robert, Southgate
Hewson Nicholas, Church lane
Moor Robert, Northgate
Steel Joseph, Southgate
Sturdy Oliver, Holme
Sturdy William, Holme
Suderby Robert, Northgate
Thompson Joseph, Southgate
Webster John, Shipton
Wharton Robert, Shipton
Wilson Matthew, Market place

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

Brown George, Northgate
Lawson William, Northgate
Sapcote Abraham, Market place


Barns George, Holme
Berry James, Market place
Denton John, Southgate
Hewson Robert, Market place
Simpson Robert, Holme


Bradley Robert, Market place
Fish Thomas, Holme
Fish William, Market place
Jackson John, Shipton
Monkman John, Market place
Oliver John, Market hill
Pottage William, Northgate
Roantree Robert, Market place
Snowdon John, Market place
Tindall Robert, Market place

Chymists & Druggists,

Askham John & William, Market place
Creasser Thomas, Market place
Ombler Thomas (& tea dealer) opposite the Devonshire Arms

Coal Merchants,

Dunkin James, Holme road
Hare Thomas, Beverley road
Hutchinson John, Holme wharf
loftus William, Land of Nod
Lyon James, Market place
Maw John, Shipton
Musgrave & Scott (& corn) Market place


Thorp Robert, Market place
Thorp Thomas, Market place

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

County, Joseph Smith, Market place
Yorkshire, William Ombler, opposite the Devonshire Arms

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

Holmes Thomas, Northgate
Mosey Joseph, Market place

Grocers & Drapers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Brigham Forster, Market place
Brooksbank John, Holme
Cade Ann, Holme
Cade William, Market place
Hill Robert, Holme
Hudson Herbert, Holme
Lyon John, Market place
Powell James, Northgate
Roantree Jecamiah, Market place
Smith Joseph, Market place

Hair Dressers,

Labourn William, Market place
Monkman Thomas, Northgate

Hat Manufacturers & Dealers,

Crouch Thomas, Northgate
Laister Thomas, Chapel yard
Mosey Joseph (dealer) Market place
Roantree Jecamiah (dealer) Market place


Devonshire Arms, Ann Simpson, Market place
Old King's Arms, Robert Ramsdale, Market place


Brigham Forster, Market place
Cade George, Market place

Joiners & Wheelwrights,

Bell John, Shipton
Bell Peter, Shipton
Brooksbank Thomas, Market place
Brown Edward, Back st
Cade John, Holme
Gill Benjamin, Holme
Hewby John, Holme
Lund James, Holme
Mackley William (joiner only) Southgate
Pottage Thomas, Southgate
Sissons John, Northgate
Towse Christopher, Goodmanham
Young George (joiner only) Beverley road


Hagyard Elizabeth, Northgate
Hume Thomas, Market hill
Jewison John (& brewer) Church lane
Rivis John, Market place


Cade William, Market place
Charter John, Holme
Cook Williamson, Goodmanham mill
Dawson Robert, Church lane
Hare John, Holme
Roantree Thomas, Southgate

Milliners & Dress Makers,

Borras Sarah, Market place
Bradley Jane, Market hill
Creasser Sarah, Market place
Midglay ---, Church lane
Weatherill Esther, Northgate
Whiteley Elizabeth, Southgate
Wilkinson Elizabeth, Southgate


Barff Richard, Northgate
Eastwood John, Market place
Scaife Richard, Northgate

Plumbers & Glaziers,

Barrass Thomas, Market place
Ombler William, Market place

Rope & Twine Makers,

Gardam Peter, Market place
Haynes Joseph, Northgate
Jackson Robert, Holme lane
Lyon John, Market place
Richmond & Son, Northgate
Shaw James, Southgate


Porter Edward, Market place
Prince John & Son, Market place

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

Barron Robert, Market place
Hembrough Robert, Southgate
Sherwood Giles, Northgate
Southwell James, Northgate
Stephenson George, Southgate
Stockdale Robert, Holme
Tate Robert, Southgate
Thompson Joseph, Holme
Wilson Mary, Beverley road

Straw Hat Makers,

Barker Jane, Northgate
Gelder Ann, Southgate
Haynes Elizabeth, Northgate
Lofthouse Jane, Market place
Lyon Jane, Market place


Burnham Robert, Holme
Jackson Matthew, Market place
Jefferson Richard, Market place


Bean William, Holme
Brealey William, Holme
Cook John, Holme
English Thomas, Shipton
Hesp William, Shipton
Hopkinson Thomas, Northgate
Hudson William, Holme lane
Kelsey John, Market place
Loftus Daniel, Market place
Roantree Jecamiah, Market place
Skinn Joseph, Beverley road
Webster John, Northgate

Taverns & Public Houses,

Anchor, Benjamin Craven, Land of Nod
Angel, John Bushby, Market place
Barleycorn, Christopher Wilson, Southgate
Bay Horse, John Oliver, Market hill
Black Horse, George Sturdy, Market place
Black Swan, Matthew Dickins, Shipton
Black Swan, Joseph Watson, Northgate
Blacksmiths' Arms, John Hudson, Holme
Board, John Lewis, Beverley road
Cross Keys, Stephen Huzzard, Market place
Cross Keys, Thomas Pexton, Holme
Devonshire Arms, Peter Beal, Weighton river head
Dog & Duck, Richard Simpson, Northgate
Globe Tavern, Joseph Mosey, Market place
Griffin, Robert Marshall, Market place
Half Moon, Samuel Goodall, Market place
Hare & Hounds, William Whitehead, Holme
New Inn, John Stewardson, Holme
Old Pretender, Thomas Barras, Market place
Ship, James Smith, Shipton
Star, Ann Easingwood, Goodmanham
Star, Matthew Hutchinson, Holme wharf
White Swan, William Harrison, Market hill

Watch & Clock Makers,

Cade George, Market place
Thorp Richard, Market place


Buck James, ornamental plasterer, Holme
Dawson John, currier & leather cutter, Market hill
Fearn William, leather dealer, Northgate
Jewison Hannah, spirit merchant, Church lane
Jobson William, retailer of beer, Market place
Lofthouse Francis, basket maker, Market place
Nornabell Thomas, machine maker, Market place
Ombler William, tallow chandler, Market place
Oxtoby Peter, auctioneer & appraiser, Northgate
Peart & Sons, oatmeal makers, Steam mill
Ramsdale Philip, horse dealer, Goodmanham
Hull Savings' Bank (branch of) Opposite the Devonshire Arms -- Thomas Ombler, secretary
Smith Thomas, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Market place
Stephenson George, silk dyer, Southgate
Thompson Joseph, brush maker, Northgate
Thorp Thomas, earthenware dealer, Market place
White Thomas, brick maker, Gopha hill


To Beverley, Mellor Gardam, Saturday
To Holme on Spalding Moor, John Smith & William Wiles, from the Black Horse, every Wednesday
To Howden, William Wiles & John Smith, from Holme, every Saturday
To Hull, Charles Marshall, from the Cross Keys, and Melior Gardam and Robert
Holmes, every Monday & Thursday -- and George Cuthbert, from the Half Moon, every Wednesday
To Pocklington, Melior Gardam & Robert Holmes, every Wednesday & Saturday
To Selby, William Wiles, from Holme, every Monday
To York, Charles Marshall, from the Cross Keys, every Wednesday & Saturday

Source: http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/ER ... 34Dry.html

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