Wolds Wagoners Special Reserve.

Wolds Wagoners [SIC] Reserve, a regiment that Lt Col. Sir Mark SYKES squire of Sledmere raised from the local rural population, they formed a core of an elite troop of horsemen much in demand throughout the army to maintain a stead supply of materials and munitions to the frontline.
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I should add that this isn't me - I'm not related to the man, its his gt granddaughter i believe


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quote:Originally posted by AndyandYvonne
In researching my relatives who served with the Wagoners Special Reserve, I found four ancestors with links to that 'unit':
My uncle, Wagoner 437 Frederick Witty of Huggate; my grand-uncle, Wagoner 439 Amos Allen, also of Huggate; my 1st cousin (once removed), Wagoner 157 Alfred Witty of Driffield and another, more distant cousin, Wagoner 584 Alfred Wittty of Speeton.
I have managed to obtain copies of the Medal Roll Index Cards for all except Amos Allen. Also, copies of Frederick Witty's Pension Records and Alfred (CHT/157) Witty's Discharge Papers.
I noticed on Richard's web-site (http://www.yorkshirehistory.com/wagon/letters.htm) that he (courtesy of Della Petch) has included a letter to the Editor of the Driffield Times dated 19th December (1915?) from my grand-uncle Amos Allen. I wonder if the "... three pals here with me from the same village ..." would be (my Uncle) Fred Witty, Arthur Ridsdale & Harry Beckett? Amos & those are the only 4 lads listed in the Wagoners muster rolls who come from Huggate.
Amos continued to serve in the Army, attaining the rank of Major, probably in or by WW2. Alfred (CHT/157) later enlisted in The Rifle Brigade and went on to serve in Macedonia, where he caught malaria.
I sent Richard H copies of uncle Fred's papers back in January. Since then, I have managed to obtain a photo of Fred with his family. If Richard would like a copy of that, together with copies of Alfred Witty's papers, the offer is there for the asking.

Sorry i have been trawling the net for info on Arthur Ridsdale born in huggate and served in ww1, signed up on lowthorpe. I notice you mentioned him above, can you tell me anymore information

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My Grandfather won the driver medal in 1917.
quote:Originally posted by Jean Arms
Hi guys,

You probably know this but the Waggoners' Reserve, was a volunteer corps of 1,000 local farmworkers who used horse drawn wagons taking supplies to the trenches in WW1. They were among the first volunteers to serve in 1914 having been formed by Sir Mark Sykes in 1913. Annual driving competitions were began in 1913 in Fimber to get men to join, postcards of some of the pictures from that time are for sale in Sledmere house, I have 3. Sir Mark designed the piece and Carlo Magnoni sculpted it, A Barr the stone mason for Sledmere estate worked on it too.

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Regarding the query from Ruby Soho dated 7 Nov. 2009 for information on Arthur Ridsdale, all I have are details from the Muster Rolls in Ian Sumners excellent book.
Wg 297 Arthur RIDSDALE Age 19, 68 ins.tall, 135 pounds weight, eyes blue, hair light brown, Occupation Carter, born Huggate Parish, Attested 14.7.1913 at Lowthorpe.
Somehow or other I must have missed your request and only noticed it now whilst looking for some Wagoners related information. Hope this will help you in your research.
Andy & Yvonne.

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Re: Wolds Wagoners Special Reserve.

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This is all I can find:

* Wagoner's Special Reserve Unit History (St. Mary's Parish Church, Sledmere).
* Roger Adelson. Mark Sykes: A Portrait of an Amateur (1975).
* Driffield Times, 14th August 1964 (50th Anniver-sary Edition].
* D.J. Smith, Horse Drawn Transport of the British Army (Shire Publications). Lieut.-General Sir John Glubb, Into Battle: a
soldier's diary of the Great War (London, Cassell, 1978).

Amazon (currently unavailable but if you go to Amazon you can get the publishers name and contact them.

* THE WOLDS WAGONERS. The Story of the Wagoners' Special Reserve by IAN SUMNER (2000)
Currently unavailable

* A History Of The Wolds Wagoners Special Reserve by G. Boddy and R. Wilson (1988)
Currently unavailable

* http://www.stgeorgesnews.org/page418.html

* A History of the Wolds Wagoners Special Reserve
@Museum of Army Transport special promotions Compiled by G. Boddy, R. Wilson
Publisher Museum of Army Transport, Beverley, 1988

* The only other possibility is that there may be a book in the shop at Sledmere Hall or if someone has the email
address of Mr G Boddy.

I hope you find what you are looking for

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