Harpers Farm/Wolds Wagoner

Wolds Wagoners [SIC] Reserve, a regiment that Lt Col. Sir Mark SYKES squire of Sledmere raised from the local rural population, they formed a core of an elite troop of horsemen much in demand throughout the army to maintain a stead supply of materials and munitions to the frontline.
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Harpers Farm/Wolds Wagoner

Post by mhjh161 » Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:42 am

Does anyone have any idea where `Harpers Farm` was in the Wolds.
My g/father joined the Wolds Wagoners No. 968 in 1914 at Weaverthorrpe. He had previously worked at `Harpers Farm`.

Any info., most appreciated.

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Post by plook » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:47 pm

Ampleforth Journal 46:1 (1941) 1 & 89; also 47:1 (1942) 21 & 170; and 48:2 (1943) 65
Abbot Bede Turner
[Maps to accompany this paper are not yet ready]
B E F O R E 1 8 0 2

The Byland College farm was kept in our own hand until 1876. In 1871 after the purchase of the Sootheran farm Prior Prest wrote to the President for permission to sell the Byland estate. He was advised ‘not to sell until there was prospect of securing land near the College.’ In September 1872 Prior Prest wrote from Preston to the Sub-prior to place on the agenda for the Council: ‘Would it be well to rent Harpers farm: it may be well to take it with the view of ultimately letting or selling Byland.’ In the April of 1876 Byland College farm was let because the Home Farm had acquired 300 acres and was able to rent another 100 so that the distant farm was no longer needed When the new monastery was built (1894-8), and when in 1900 Ampleforth was made an Abbey with its own Abbot, the need for retaining Byland for expansion seemed to have passed. Money was wanted to secure a freehold site in Oxford and in 1904 our property at Byland was sold to Sir George Wombwell of Newburgh Priory.

You could write to the Prior at Ampelforth and ask where this farm was located. Ampleforth Collage owend land all over Yorkshire including the east Riding

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