Cattle Market proposed HGV route video

Discussion about the controversial planning proposals for the land to the East of Middle Street which includes the former Driffield Cattle Market site
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Post by chimp64 » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:38 am

The plans for the cattle market go in front of the ERYC strategic planners on Thursday 19th June.

I have obtained copies of the traffic surveys undertaken on Eastgate South and Albion Street earlier this year which have formed the basis of the ERYC stating that the route is acceptable (with a few 'traffic calming' measures).

Looking at the pedestrian survey where people were counted crossing Eastgate South from Dunns Lane to Bridge Street, no count was done between 10 and 3pm which means that all the school children walking into town at lunch time were missed. Was this an oversight or were the surveyors briefed not to count at this time??? According to Driffield School, nearly 900 students have lunchtime exit passes. On the 20th June, I used the surveyors spreadsheet format and counted over 280% more people (including the lunch break).

The pedestrian survey is therefore seriously flawed and in using it in their planning decision making process, ERYC will not only jeopardize the future of Driffield by forcing through the building of the Superstore but they seem happy to also jeopardize the safety of our children.

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Post by avp » Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:48 pm

How about we suggest they put new medical facility there, they say it wasting space! so why buy more wasting space when it aleady there? hve u ever tried 2 spell untrue we watchin u. Nearly fell in the gutter but did not have hat totip 2 local dignetary. I know spelling aint good. thot that counts.

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Post by zoe j » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:48 pm

I'd like to see medical facilities retained, and possibly expanded at our excellent local hospital - the Alfred Bean. No doubt it will go the way of the cattle market and will be sold off for development regardless of local opposition..... since when did democratically elected councillors listnen to the public?

Cattle market - why not retain some of it for much needed parking, make a feature of the beck......seating, cafe perhaps, and have some sort of amenity that appeals to the younger generation.....preferably something vandal proof though!

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Post by plook » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:07 am

Support for new Supermarkets in Driffield, East Yorkshire

Published Date: 03 February 2010
By Staff Copy

DRIFFIELD cannot accommodate all three of the long-planned supermarket developments in the town in the short term, a new East Riding of Yorkshire Council-commissioned review reveals.
But planning officers are still supporting the plans for the cattle market on Eastgate South, the Viking Centre on Middle Street North and Tesco on George Street after the study indicated it was "unlikely" that proposals for the cattle market could be delivered in the near future.

The report also concludes that the cattle market proposal is unlikely to have an unacceptable impact on the town centre in the longer term.

The applications for shops, a cafe, community hall and 44 homes on the cattle market site, plus three retail units and 25 homes at the Viking Centre, will be brought back before a council planning committee tomorrow in light of the review's findings.

They will be considered alongside a new application to vary vehicle access hours restrictions at the Tesco site.

Planning officers have recommended all three schemes should be deferred and delegated for approval, subject to legal agreements being drawn up to provide two hours of free parking at each site.

They also say a full archaeological survey should be carried out at the cattle market site.

Details of the Review of the Proposed Retail Developments in Driffield emerged this week ahead of the fresh discussions by the authority's planning committee tomorrow.

The officers' reports to the committee said: "The study concludes there is insufficient capacity to support all three proposed food store developments in Driffield. However, the main capacity issue is with the food store element of the proposals for the cattle market scheme."

The review concludes there is capacity for both the replacement Tesco store and the proposed Aldi Store at the Viking Centre - which is described as a "relatively small scheme" - to sell b oth convenience goods such as groceries and comparison goods like electricals in ntwo sample years - 2011 and 2016.

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