Cattle Market/Tesco/Viking Center development plan

Discussion about the controversial planning proposals for the land to the East of Middle Street which includes the former Driffield Cattle Market site

Postby plook » Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:15 pm

Call for action over 'eyesore' sites in East Yorkshire town

A public meeting in Driffield heard complaints that redevelopment schemes had not started.Residents in an East Yorkshire town have called for action over disused sites they claim are "eyesores".

A public meeting in Driffield heard complaints the town's former cattle market and a sugar mill were still standing derelict despite planning permission being granted to redevelop them.

The cattle market has stood empty since 2001.

A councillor blamed the developers who own the site.

At the meeting, resident Gordon Siddell demanded the East Riding of Yorkshire Council take action.He claimed the derelict sugar mill was an "eyesore" and gave visitors a bad impression of the town. Mr Siddell said: "I think it's a disgrace. As you come down Anderson Street, which is quite near some of the nicest houses in Driffield on the Groves, this monstrosity greets you."

In 2000 an application was approved to turn part of the sugar mill into flats.

Planning permission was granted in 2010 to redevelop the cattle market site with a supermarket, housing and a community centre.

East Riding councillor Heather Venter said she agreed with some of the comments regarding the cattle market, but the the council was unable to do anything about it.

She said: "The problem is that it belongs to private developers, it does not belong to the council."

So why arn't the council contacting these "private developers", and tell them to get their fingers out BUT no TESCO please!
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Re: Cattle Market/Tesco/Viking Center development plan

Postby Paul B » Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:29 pm


As the Cattle Market & Viking Centre area debate still continues, perhaps it is worth mentioning that Beverley's new shopping / leisure area in Flemingate is getting built very quickly.
Driffield needs to get a resolution to what is going to happen to these areas, as people will travel to Beverley to use these new facilities and Driffield could sadly get left behind.
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