Bridlington Hospital

Despite overwhelming opposition from residents, doctors, businessmen and politicians from across Driffield and the Wolds, The East Riding of Yorkshire PCT now look set to finally axe the beds at the town's Alfred Bean Hospital. Latest Comments
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Bridlington Hospital

Post by plook » Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:59 pm

Well,well,well Bridlington Hospital is part of the worst hospital trust in the country.Since Scarborough Hospital Trust took over this hospital they have been running it down with a view to close this or that service. Scarborough cocked their budget up and as a consequence had to cloy resources from somewhere and Bridlington Hospital was the prim source. They did not ask the population of Bridlington and surrounding areas what they want. One of the main issues is that Scarborough and most of its satellite community hospitals are in North Yorkshire and Bridlington Hospital is in East Yorkshire. Why not transfer Bridlington Hospital back into the East Yorkshire Primary Care Trust where it belongs. It could provide respite care for the elderly and the terminally ill. A Maternity Unit , Coronary Care , minor surgical unit or a poly clinic removing some of the burden off the Ambulance Service and Hull Royal Infirmary and create jobs. Please write to MP Mr Johnson Secretary of State for Health.

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Post by DF » Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:03 pm

Yes and did you also notice that the Ambulance service is not up to scratch either!! So after all our protests we not only have the WORST HOSPITAL SERVICE IN ENGLAND; but an under-performing Ambulance service to get us there!!! THANK YOU SCARBOROUGH HOSPITAL "TRUST" AND ALAN JOHNSON.

I sent him this message, but to date have had no response!!!
"Words cannot describe my feelings on hearing the news that you have agreed not only to the removal of Maternity Services, but also the Cardiac Monitoring Unit from our Hospital.
You must know in your heart that the figures you were presented with had been massaged in favour of what the “trust” had planned. No wonder you wouldn’t attend our protest marches!!! You were obviously too ashamed to face us.
Always remember that it was YOU who agreed to this. I hope that you will be able to live with yourself when you hear of the deaths which will inevitably happen as a result of your decision.
We will never forget what you and your Government have done to our town."

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Post by DF » Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:36 pm

You might be interested to read the latest news received from Mick Pilling
DF :-(

"Please read the latest scenario at Bridlington Hospital, how frustrating, what next is Bridlington Hospital DOOMED?

Regards Mick Pilling telling it like it is:-
Date: Friday, 13 November, 2009, 6:49
To: Chief Executive Richard Sunley Scarborough NHS Trust
Good morning Richard,
I would like to bring your attention this situation Mr & Mrs Sheppard of Bempton Bridlington had to go through along with other patients who attended our wonderful GP Access Centre, recently opened.
NO Doctor! NO Chemist! only a nurse on duty, seems to me no contingency plans in place for such events?
How can patients have trust in our NHS when services continue to be let down, I find this situation frustrating and appalling to say the least.
I would appreciate Richard your intervention in this matter and wonder how many more times this will happen or has happened in the past.
Please see the enclosed e-mail regarding this issue
I look forward to your reply in due course, thank you Richard

Hello Mick,
I know how hard you work for Bridlington hospital and have been on your marches etc.
I wonder if you know that the new GP Access centre at the hospital is not as good as anticipated, I thought a doctor was meant to be there between 8.00am and 8.00pm. I went to this centre with my husband today as he was unable to see a doctor at our practise and we were told that there were no doctors there at all today and we could only see a nurse. A prescription was issued but could not be used at the hospital it had to be taken to a chemist, how annoying is that?
Just keeping you in touch, I would be interested in your comments.
Amy Sheppard

Sincere regards Mick Pilling"

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Post by DF » Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:17 pm

On Boxing Day morning my friend had a call at 6.30am - her 84 year old friend had called her "helpline" as she had been ill all night; they said that a Doctor would be with her at 9am. it got to 10.50am and no sign of a Doctor, after being reminded he finally arrived; He told her she needed an operation, see her own Doctor on Tuesday and left without even giving her a prescription to ease the pain!!
My friend then went up to Brid Hospital to ask what could be done, they told her there were 3 Ambulances in a queue waiting to leave patients at Scarborough Hospital and a similar situation in Hull!! And she should ring NHS Direct. This she did and was informed that there was a 3 hour wait to speak to someone!!!
The next day they took her to A & E at Scarborough who said they could do no more than the Doctor had and sent them home.
Now Tuesday and they have managed to get an appointment with her own Doctor. I trust that he will do something.

The moral of this - whatever you do don't be ill in Bridlington over a Bank Holiday!!!

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Post by zoe j » Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:05 pm

DF this is a shocking story, and an all too familiar one.
The NHS should be in the hands of medical staff, or more to the point, by those in the know. Instead we have too many office based staff who vastly outnumber doctors and nurses, and whose main interest is penny pinching.

I hope the lady in question is making a good recovery.

This story and others like it should be in the newspapers, name and shame until we get the services we need.

Slightly of subject......wouldn't it be cheaper for councils to grit roads and pavements rather than treat people in hospital?

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Post by plook » Thu Dec 31, 2009 9:37 am

A colleague of mine phoned up gave their symptoms and got a prescription without seeing anyone only speaking to a ?doctor and without a follow up! How good is that!
All these issues are examples of a poor health care provider for people in the Driffield/Bridlington area.

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Post by DF » Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:52 pm

"Hot off the press"

A plea by a nurse working at Bridlington Hospital expressing worries about what is happening to services there is being taken to Westminster.
Mick Pilling, Chairman of the Save Bridlington Hospital Campaign Action Group has met Bridlington MP Greg Knight and local councillors to highlight the worries of the staff working at the hospital.
Mr Pilling met Mr Knight, together with councillor Geoff Pickering (Bridlington South ward) and Councillor Richard Harrap (Bridlington North ward) to draw these concerns about the future of the hospital to their attention.
The nurse, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of management reprisals, says that services moving services to Scarborough Hospital is a mistake as they ‘do not have the facilities to cope.’
The nurse complains that there are now more managers and executives ‘than there has ever been;’ and says ‘other things have been cut like training,’ adding that this has left staff ‘feeling vulnerable……’
Mr Knight said that he ‘still has serious concerns about the hospital’ and told Mr Pilling he would draw the contents of the letter to the attention of Health Minister Andy Burnham MP and also would be sending a copy to the Shadow Health Minister Andrew Lansley MP.
Note to editor
A copy of the nurses letter is attached.

YOU CAN READ A COPY of the Nurses Letter on website:

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