Alfred Bean Hospital

Despite overwhelming opposition from residents, doctors, businessmen and politicians from across Driffield and the Wolds, The East Riding of Yorkshire PCT now look set to finally axe the beds at the town's Alfred Bean Hospital. Latest Comments
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Alfred Bean Hospital

Post by Galadriel » Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:54 pm

Surprised when I logged on that no-one has discussed what's happening with the Alfred Bean Hospital. There's been enough in the local paper since before xmas on the proposed plans. What do forum members think? Is anybody planning on being part of the proposed demonstration next tuesday or are people not bothered if the hospital closes?

I personally think it will be a very sad day but I believe the PCT has made up its mind whatever other people think. I wonder if they could be prosecuted under the Human Rights Act, for instance, under the section including denying people the right to a life free from fear.

I'm sure the elderly especially, would be in fear if there was no local facility and they had to be transported to somewhere like Goole! Any comments?

Rod Hebblewhite
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Post by Rod Hebblewhite » Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:51 am

Me and the wife will be there, and also at the meeting in Brid, we need to do whatever we can to keep our local hospitals, I read that two babies had been born at the roadside between Brid and Scarborough because of the cuts, this is unacceptable in this day and age and we must fight to keep these services, anyone wishing to join the demo should be at the Four Winds next Tuesday morning at 10am.

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Post by plook » Thu Jan 11, 2007 8:14 pm

The closure of the Alfed Bean Hospital in driffield is a sacrilidge it provideds a needed service for the area.THe Driffield area and surrounding villages are badly provided for especialy if you are elderly and are not a car driver. If you require the services of an A/E department you can attend Bridlington or Beverly providing your injury is minor or if you require the services of a propper A/E Dept youcan go to Scarborough or Hull. The closure is to save money by the PCT. Since PCT's were created a vast amount of mony has been wasted, in Hull and the East Riding four Chief Executives , and four of anything else up till fairly recently when they merged to form an organisation similar to the disbanded Health Authority. Health is everyones right and the facilities to care for the community Driffield serves stands with a beacon that is the Alfred Bean Hospital. Yes I will be there.

zoe j
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Post by zoe j » Mon Jan 15, 2007 8:15 pm

I too think a decision on the Alfred Bean Hospital has already been made, but it is still worth fighting for, (the hospital has been run down gradually in the past few years) We need a local hospital, Driffield and the surrounding villages are expanding all the time, the population is an ageing one who will need a local hospital, not one miles away involving a longer journey, especially for minor problems.

The public were supposed to have freedom of choice over which hospital we wish to be treated at, some choice!!, too many things are chosen for us,we should remember this at the next election, give us back democracy,. Keep Alfred Bean open, instead close down the pct offices, we need carers and nurses, not pen-pushers.

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Post by Michael » Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:35 pm


East Riding of Yorkshire PCT Press Release - 22 March 2007

Recommendations on the future commissioning strategy for community services in the East Riding of Yorkshire will not be taken until May 2007 because of the high level of response to the consultation exercise.

East Riding of Yorkshire Primary Care Trust had hoped to present key findings and recommendations to the Board meeting on 28 March 2007.
Interim Chief Executive Claire Wood said: “The overwhelming response to the consultation proposals means that no recommendations will be made until the Board meeting to be held on 23 May 2007”.

More than 3,000 responses to the consultation proposals were received.
Claire Wood confirmed: “Over 3,000 responses were received by the PCT and more time is needed given the enormity of the response. Nearly 1,000 of the responses were received in the last week and due to this and the variety and range of views given, we have decided it is right that more time is taken to ensure the feedback is considered properly and thoroughly.”

"This is why recommendations will not be presented to the PCT Board until May 2007."

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Post by plook » Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:36 pm

I have written to the PCT twice regarding centralisation of services including the closure of community hospitals. I intend to write to my MP.

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Post by LizzieJ » Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:59 am

When I first came to East Yorkshire from Wiltshire one of the first places my bloke took me to was the Alfred Bean hospital (he sure knows how to woo a girl!) and I was impressed at the efficiency, cleanliness and friendliness of the place. I think it would be very sad to lose this delightful little community hospital and hope that your campaign to save it will be successful. Lizzie

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Post by plook » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:35 am

I agree that the population of villages are expanding .It is well known that there is a move from towns and cities to the countryside. Take Hornsea Hospital dealing with a population of Hornsea that increases in the summer, in Witherensea the same happens as well as a transient population living throughout the year in Caravans. In the 1960's Driffield had its own Surgival Unit, Medical Unit and Childrens ward as well as wards for the sick eldeley. It had its own pathology department, laundry, dispensary and Xray Dept.There was also a TB hospital up at Northfield all have been sold or the land sold leaving the remaining Alfred Bean Hospital with its minor injuries unit and GP run wards. Where has the money gone from the sale off this property? What was done with the money cloyed back from these sales. Its probably gone to pay for four chief executives , four chief nurses and four accountants and other managerial hangers on and dross. It has not gone into providing a health service that the people of Driffield deserve, more nurses, more midwives,more doctors improved emergency services, xray services etc. Bridlington Hospital run by the failing Scarborough Hospital trust is underfunded, underused and under staffed and undersupported. It is therefore not an alternative to the Alfred Bean Hospital.
The PCT should be looking to provide better services not closing down the limited services that currently exist.

I note that there has been no comment from this website from the PCT some of whos staff are located at what was the Four Wind Cafe!

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Post by DF » Wed May 02, 2007 5:43 pm

I went to the last meeting at the 3B's (Leisureworld) BRIDLINGTON.
No need to wonder why they are cutting back services or where our money goes - there were 13 of them on stage!!! and practically all decisions were postponed until May or June "awaiting results of inquiries" I wonder how much they cost??
Like Driffield we had an Isolation Hospital on Bempton Lane (now sold for housing) A Maternity Hospital and care for the elderly at The Avenue (now sold for housing) Lloyd Hospital for operations etc. (now sold for a Church). We all donated money towards the new Hospital. The league of Hospital Friends raised money for equipment.
All the "management" want to do is make everyone travel to Scarborough or Hull in order to make money out of us for car parking; Never mind what it might be doing to the environment.

PLEASE get on to this website now

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Post by Galadriel » Sat May 26, 2007 9:17 pm

Unfortunately, a relative of mine had cause to use Bridlington Hospital a couple of weeks ago - what a farce! My relative was diagnosed wrongly, the place was filthy and there were hardly any staff about. Am not saying this is all the staff's fault but my relative was then readmitted to HRI and the difference was unbelievable. Prompt diagnosis was made and treatment started straight away, the staff could not do enough to help and the consultants were great. That's also how it is at Alfred Bean - the place is central with decent facilities and with the potential to become excellent. Try getting to Goole in the middle of winter - ok I accept there's global warming but we can still get some bad weather in winter. And you won't get any answere from ERYPCT on this website - they'll quote Data Protection Act etc etc!

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