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Post by plook » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:06 am

On Thursday the 2nd November at 11.00hrs I was travelling from High Hunsley into Walkington Village which is in a West to East direction. The day was bright and clear and only a few lowish clouds.
I looked up and saw a UFO travelling South East to North West.
It was silver in colour and had no wings or rota blades.
It was cigar shaped with a dome shape at the front and at the back both of comparable size.
It was travelling very slowly at a height above what you would expect a light aircraft to fly at and too low to leave a vapour trail aBOUT 500-600 FT. It was travelling very slowly much slower than aircraft circling to land or a light aircraft passing over head .
I observed this object for about 4 minutes.
I turned north and its view was obscured by trees and houses.
When I got to a place where I could observe the craft I could not find it. It was either obscured by cloud or it had gone.
It was definitely not an airplane or a helicopter.
Did anyone else see it?

Ps I not been on the vino calapso!!

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