Moving to Beeford

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Darker Times
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Moving to Beeford

Post by Darker Times » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:28 pm


I will hopefully be moving to Beeford in the next couple of months from North Yorkshire. I really like the village and have my eye on a couple of properties. I have one question though, which I wondered if some resident could answer?

On two of the last six visits to Beeford, I have noticed a "pig Farm" smell in the air, and wondered if this was just from the near by fields, and an "occasional" farming smell or whether there is a large pig facility in the area. I ask because at one of my previous homes, I moved in not knowing about a very large pig farm about a mile away. On the occasions that I visited before buying, I never noticed the smell, but became aware after buying the property. Some days we could not open a window for the over-powering smell, and hanging washing out was a No-No. Is this the case with Beeford?

Many thanks.

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Re: Moving to Beeford

Post by rods16 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:13 am

mmm, nice village with really friendly locals, but I'm afraid the pig smell is common. The village is surrounded by pig farms, particularly to the South and West. I have family living in the village and when we visit we always laugh that we know when we are getting close due to the smell!
to be fair though it doesn't smell all of the time and is a nice village to live in.


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