Pathe News Video from 1949 - Meteor VII's at RAF Driffield

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Pathe News Video from 1949 - Meteor VII's at RAF Driffield

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Here is a great 'Pathe News' video from 1949 showing RAF Staff and Meteor VII's (training aircraft) at RAF Driffield. ... est-school

Full title reads: "Jet Men Go To World's Fastest School (Exclusive)."

Driffield, Yorkshire. Royal Air Force pilots are trained to fly jets.

GV Elevated Meteor VII (training aircraft) lined up in dispersal being refuelled. (1st 7ft. super title).

SV Conversion pilots sitting in classroom. MV Instructor lecturing on compass. CU Pilot officer. MV RAF Engine instructor giving lecture to four pilots on jet engine. CU Engine - instructor's hand pointing to one past. MV Instructor walks to exhaust end of engine pan as engine turns round. SV Over exhaust end of engine pilots listening to instructor. MV Instructor pulls engine round and continues lecture.

SV Standard Meteor fighter. Pupils inspecting undercarriage. One pupil climbs into cockpit. Squadron leader Fitzpatrick climbs up to explain controls. CU Fitzpatrick explaining controls to pupil. LV Pilots walk to exhaust end of engine. Instructor explains. SV Two pupils looking into front end of engine. LV Pan Meteor VII flying over. CU Pilot looking on. MV Towards Meteor VII 'B' taxiing in circle.

MV Pan bowser pulls up in front of aircraft 'B' to re-fuel. SV Refuelling finished. Bowser crew replace pipes. LV Towards pupils leaving parachute section walking towards aircraft. GV Meteor VIIs lined up in dispersal. Crew in foreground climb into 'plane. CU Pilot wearing Mae West life jacket. SV Instructor explaining cockpit layout to pupil. SV Another pilot in Mae West. MV Ground crew close cockpit cover. SV Towards and pan three Meteor VIIs take off. GV Interior control room. SV Hand pinpointing take-off time. LV Air to air 4 Meteor VIIs in flight. CU Back view pupil in front cockpit. LV Air to air 4 Meteor VIIs in flight. MV Meteors in flight. CU Back view pupil turns round and speaks to instructor. SV Two Meteor VIIs in flight. MV 4 Meteor VIIs in flight.

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