Rats - A on-going problem in Ulrome

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ulrome erosion
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Rats - A on-going problem in Ulrome

Post by ulrome erosion » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:45 pm

Here is a story:
2 years ago I complained to the council that I had noticed my neighbour changed her excessive bird feeding habit and place some "bird food" in a small line about six inchs long and 12 inches from their shed THEN I was amazed to see a rat run from their shed to the food and back under the shed again, The next day I noticed that the line of food had being placed 24 inches from their shed, On the 3rd day I noticed that a trail of food on the ground was approaching the line of the fence that seperates next doors garden from our garden.
I then started to email the council with my concerns and also supplied photograpths of the event as they happened.
Rats did enter our garden because of this weird behaviour. Anyway I ignored the neighbour and built a fence that runs the full lenth of our garden.

Then a while later I noticed holes appearing under the fence, I would inspect in daily and fill the holes in as the appeared.
I then wrote to the council explaining the situation, with photograpths. The council pest control officer came and said that they were not rat holes.
So then I wrote to the council explaining that I believed that the holes seems to be made with a metal rod or something with a human being connected to it. Anyway now in 2008 we here in Ulrome have a major rat problem. I now get rat holes daily, new rat runs, All neighbours here apart from the bird feeder are trying there best to get rid of the rats, 1 is Gassing rats, 1 is shoting rats, some neighbours throw dead rats into the others garden.
We have expressed concern over the rats to the council, there pest control officer is trying his best, but the bird feeder still feeds the birds daily and I wonder if the mature rats nest the found in their garden is still active?
* in a 48 hours period 7 holes appeared.
* I wonder why raw meat used food items appear outside our back door?
* Rats carry 35 dieases
Now I have a garden with all the soil 3 feet from the fence covered in rat holes, I need to replace all the soil because the rats have taken it all.

What would you do? ( bear in mind that and the 3rd day of moving into this house, I said "Good Morning" to the neighbour and two hours later the police were at my door, saying that i had being abusive and lie lie lie. )
So contact would be stupid and dangerous.
What would you do???????????????????????

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Post by Pete » Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:04 pm

Rather than confront your neighbour I think you might be better off try to get them taken away under the mental health act as they sound seriously weird to me.

Turnip Town
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Post by Turnip Town » Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:24 pm


Perhaps the odd spare nuclear warhead on e-bay might be useful in frying the rats once and for all ?!

Only joking, sounds liek you have one seriously potty neighbour to me! Is your neighbour a member of some strange cult or sect ?

Do you have a cat ? If not, get a couple, should soon sort the problem.

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Post by kay » Tue Jul 29, 2008 10:39 pm

Wow....She sounds one crazy Bint!

Tell the council you are going to send your concerns to a local newspaper...any newspaper in fact. Maybe the threat of adverse publicity will coerce the council into doing something about this mad situation.

Meanwhile buy some rat-traps from a good hardware store...

passing through
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Post by passing through » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:04 am

Your neighbours don't own a fish and chip shop at Beeford, do they?

Seriously. Try your local agricultural merchants and ask them about some rat poison. Have you or one of your friends got an air gun, pop a few off but ultimately you will have to stop the source off food to get rid of them.

It looks as each village has it's own idiot and psychopath.

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