Driffield Town Council email addresses

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Driffield Town Council email addresses

Post by OldAdmin » Mon Oct 01, 2007 1:58 pm

The following were taking from their list today. A couple are not listed, but you would hope they would take the same format of firstname.lastname@ should you want to try and contact those people.
Cllr John Pougher (Mayor) - john.pougher@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Tony Cooper(Deputy Mayor) - tony.cooper@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mrs Myra Poessl - myra.poessl@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Paul Rounding - paul.rounding@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Stephen Poessl - stephen.poessl@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mrs Grace Gorski
Cllr Mrs Jean Cousins - jean.cousins@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mrs Joyce Fletcher - joyce.fletcher@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mrs Stephanie Murray -stephanie.murray@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr John Alvey - john.alvey@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mrs Joan Cooper - joan.cooper@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Brent Roach - brent.roach@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mark Warner - mark.warner@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Mike Smith
Cllr Mrs Margaret Killin - margaret.killin@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk
Cllr Alan Cousins
Town Clerk - townclerk@driffieldtowncouncil.org.uk

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Post by Pete » Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:25 am

ooh, nice list. Now what shall we contact them about first? I suppose it would help if we/they knew what they were in charge of.

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