Cattle Market Parking

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Cattle Market Parking

Postby Paul B » Thu May 07, 2015 7:33 pm

Recently there has been a more interactive patrol of the Cattle Market Free Parking area. Motorists getting a ticket for parking outside the designated bays etc.
But on Tuesday a very large motor home / road cruiser parked in a coach bay (there were no coach's there) and this vehicle was ticketed. It could not park in a general bay as it was too wide and long, so the driver did what they thought best and park in the coach area. It took about 60 -70 % of the bay. Why was this vehicle ticketed? .
If Driffield want to attract visitors this type of over zealous parking restrictions will not help the situation. If cars are parked in the coach areas fine, they deserve a ticket but a large motor home in a coach bay....come on, get real.
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Paul B
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