RAF Driffield - the Future?

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RAF Driffield - the Future?

Postby Phillip » Sun Mar 05, 2000 11:52 pm

Does anyone care about the fate of RAF Driffield?

It's been closed now for nearly four years and no one wants to buy it or preserve it.

I would like to see a museum and sheltered housing scheme build on the site, instead of seeing it being pulled down. The officer's mess would make a great RAF Driffield Museum, while the houses and acommodation blocks would make lovely homes for those who served their country during WWII.


Phillip Rhodes
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Postby Lucas » Sun Aug 18, 2002 3:35 pm

Hello folks,

Been trawling through this web site for only the second time since discovering it a week or so ago. The RAF base is something I find fascinating too.

Driffield needs to develop it's employment base so that it doesn't just rely on things like agriculture and factory type employment. The RAF base would, it seems to me, make a superb museum complex since the hangars and runways are there. There must be scope for housing and commercial development there too especially as the Kelleythorpe estate is next door.

Speaking of the traffic issue and attracting more visitors to the area, yes, I must admit that public transport around here, unless you work in Hull or Scarborough, seems fairly poor and not serving people. I have lived in Driffield for four years and it is a lovely town but I work full time in York and part-time in Driffield and you cannot use the bus to York and back during the rush hour because there are no services that go at the right time. Unless there has been a change in the bus timetable which there hadn't the last time I looked.

I have been interested in railways for over twenty years and contacted the Wetwang Online website some months ago asking whether anybody had ever considered the possibility of reinstating part or all of the old route to Malton. The potential both for tourism in the area and as alternative to roads, particularly in the winter months, seems enormous. I have had a letter published on the site so I won't repeat all my arguments in favour of such a scheme here, but similar schemes are going on all over the UK right now, so why should Driffield and the surround area miss out ? The web address is http://www.wetwang.org.uk for anybody interested in my arguments for such a scheme or just to peruse the Wetwang site in general.

As for knowing what remains of the runways of RAF Driffield, try visiting http://www.multimap.com. It has maps and aerial photography of the UK and I have scoured the Driffield and Malton/Norton areas looking at old rail routes and the RAF base at Driffield as well. Fascinating stuff.

Oh and speaking of public transport and rail in particular, as far as I am aware, English Welsh & Scottish Railways (national freight operators) were supposed to be pushing for the Hull to Scarborough and York to Scarborough routes to be upgraded for using their new freight locomotives and freight vehicles on to serve businesses in the area. So, that possibly being the case, has no case been made for places like the Kelleythorpe estate to have a rail link installed ?

The Malton to Driffield rail route trackbed still runs right past the estate and, though the trackbed past the showground has been built on, I can't see that, in this age of technological innovation and engineering expertise and the fact that new rail lines are being installed to industrial and commercial estates and ports elsewhere in the UK, that a new diversionary link couldn't be built further south round the town to connect with the current Hull to Scarborough line. Some may think all this rather fanciful but if you look at other places in the UK you'll see it's all possible if will and finance and sound business cases can be made. After all does the local population want yet more HGVs rumbling through the town streets producing yet more noise and atmospheric pollution and reducing the quality of life here ?

Yes I know that HGV's have their place, the hauliers always mention that they are responsible for filling up the supermarket shelves and I'm sure, when they think about it, that people are grateful but there are transport alternatives, both for passengers and freight alike. Look around the rest of the UK.

I hate to say it, but will the local area continue to suffer at council and business level with this 'let's look for an excuse to do nothing' attitude yet again ?

It does appear to me, from what I've gleaned on this site and from speaking to various locals, that the Town and County Councils seem to have a very poor reputation for actually communicating or doing anything to develop the area above and beyond their basic legal repsonsibilities. Yes, I've heard that East Yorkshire seems not to fair too well when it comes to central government funding but I don't see that that means we have to put up with apathy from either councils, police or businesses. Too often the voice on the other end of the telephone or via e-mail gives you the same repetitive message 'there's nothing we can do', 'we can't do this', 'we can't do that', basically just be prepared to sit back and put up with nothing ever getting done or improving. Fine if it's just myself that thinks like this, I'll shut up but try listening to local folk, businesses, whatever and gauge their opinions.

This site seems very good and potentially has much value but it would be better if folk presented some informed arguments rather than get het up and spend their time telling others to 'go elsewhere if you don't like it'. Is the local area just for one section of the community with those that don't fit in with established opinion having the choice of 'do as we say or clear off elsewhere' ? Not a very tolerant or open minded way to do business at any level.

Anyway, I'll end my dissertation here and wait for the trainloads and, sorry, HGV loads as well, of replies to come pouring in !!!


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Postby Lucas » Sun Aug 18, 2002 3:42 pm

Hello again,

Just a short note to apologise for the odd spelling mistake in my previous cyber epistle !!

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Postby cadet » Thu Jul 31, 2003 2:33 pm

The Raf base is used to train army and air cadets a museam would stop this so i disagree
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Postby vicar » Wed Oct 22, 2003 12:49 am

I have just returned home from a holiday at Reighton Sands, and made a special visit to RAF Driffield, I was stationed at Leconfield, Driffield and Staxton Wold in the Middle seventies, so disappointed at the state to the airfield and looking sad, just sitting there derilect.

Im sure that something could be done with this, the married quarters are now in Private hands by the look of it but the opposite site (the airfield) is sad to say the least.

I notice somebody said that it is on the main road to the motorway from Hull, I stopped on the way to the camp site, but nearly missed it on the way back! Got lost on the roundabout !

Vic Redmond
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Postby youngjoe22 » Sat Dec 04, 2004 1:36 pm

I would like to see RAF Driffield re-opened or at least more utilized by the military, moving 202 Sqn E Flt in or using it a a deployment site for the mobile radar unit moving into RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincs woould be a wonderful idea. Any increased use of the still rather large if a little run down site would have a positive impact on the local economy, with more money in the area and possibly even some jobs. The only drawback is the sale over the past few years of most of the married quarters.

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Postby mattrugby » Sun Nov 20, 2005 5:58 pm

Sorry but i think that is a load of crap it is being used for RAF and Army cadets, and we all enjoy it and the facilities are great for what we want it for, so go and find another place do turn in to your museum
Originally posted by Phillip
Does anyone care about the fate of RAF Driffield?

It's been closed now for nearly four years and no one wants to buy it or preserve it.

I would like to see a museum and sheltered housing scheme build on the site, instead of seeing it being pulled down. The officer's mess would make a great RAF Driffield Museum, while the houses and acommodation blocks would make lovely homes for those who served their country during WWII.


Phillip Rhodes

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Postby LesB » Mon May 29, 2006 5:53 pm

As an amateur flyer I would love to see it re-opened and used for light aircraft. these planes are virtually noiseless and it's a fantastic hobby, So How about it?
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Postby Galadriel » Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:46 pm

I would like to see it being used for something construtive instead of it being left there to slowly disintegrate and also something that would benefit the town - not housing by the way - there's enough of that, but something that would provide jobs. There was a rumour flying about at some point last year that the Army (or was it the RAF) were thinking of re-opening it to replace Deepcut Barracks or Blackdown Barracks (as I remember it) as it had become too expensive to keep Deepcut open (cost of living down south and all that)! That rumour seems to have died a death now, but think of the trade that it would bring back to Driffield if it did re-open?
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Postby old git » Mon Jun 19, 2006 7:25 pm

i live close to the airfield in question and have lived here for 4 years. since we have lived here i have heard its going to be: an industrial estate/university/asylum seekers camp/reopened for the army to use/and a housing estate !!! anymore offers?
i would go along with the light aircraft / gliders option and bring some money into our town.
old git
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