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School Teachers Banning SATS

Published Date:
10 May 2010
By John Roberts Education Correspondent

MORE than 380 primary schools across Yorkshire have confirmed taking part in a Sats boycott yesterday as teaching unions protested about the impact the tests have on the profession.

Thousands of pupils across the region were affected by the industrial action as members of both the National Association of Headteachers and the National Union of Teachers refused to administer the English and maths tests sat by 11-year-olds.

The unions say enough primary schools have taken part in the boycott to make publishing league tables impossible later this year.

Tables measure schools on how many pupils get to the standard expected of the age group in the core subjects of English and maths

The overall number of schools involved in Yorkshire is not yet known but figures from nine education authorities show that at least 382 primaries did not administer the tests.

This includes about half the schools in Barnsley, Hull, Kirklees and Wakefield and another 80 primaries in Leeds, 49 in the East Riding, 23 in Calderdale and 20 in Doncaster.

How dare they! Children have been working for these test and now “the teacher says no”! It’s a disgrace not only do SAT’s measure the aptitude of pupils but also the aptitude of the teacher and the school. May be that is why teachers are against it. Teachers get long holidays and are well paid they need to get their fingers out and get on with teaching and stop moaning. The teachers that boycott SATS should be sacked.

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