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Post by plook » Mon Oct 12, 2009 12:14 pm

Councillors frustrated at Driffield Tesco delays
Published Date: 12 October 2009
By Staff Copy

DEVELOPERS have today been urged to make progress on a long-planned new supermarket scheme in Driffield amid fears the town is being "left behind".
The plea comes the day before a new application to provide extra parking at the Tesco store on George Street goes before East Riding councilors.

Political leaders in the town have said the delays to this and other proposed retail schemes are a co
ntinuing frustration to the public.

East Riding ward councilor Felicity Temple told the Driffield Times that additional parking at the site would be welcome.

But she continued: "I'm looking forward to them getting on with building this new store that we need."

She said the delays were also frustrating because of other, larger stores available to shoppers in nearby towns such as Beverly and Market Weighton.

And she warned: "We are getting left behind and we are the Capital of the Wolds."

The scheme to build a new store, extra retail units and housing at the site was first supported by East Riding of Yorkshire Council in March last year.

The town's deputy mayor, Coun Mark Blakeston, said residents were repeatedly asking: "What the hell's going on with George Street?"

He said the former Kwik Save store on the Middle Street South side of the site, which is set to be demolished to make way for the development, was becoming an "eyesore".

"The permission has been granted and it would be really good to see something happen," he said.

Fellow town councilor Brent Roach said: "People are fed up that it's taking so long."

He said Tesco had not done enough to address the public's needs at its existing store since the permission was granted.

The latest application on the Tesco site, which will be considered by East Riding Council's planning committee tomorrow, would allow for an extra 58 car parking spaces to be provided.

If approved, the scheme would increase the total number of parking spaces on the site from the 210 envisaged in the original planning permission to 268.

Planning officers have recommended that the application should be deferred and delegated for approval, subject to the completion of legal agreements allowing for two hours of free parking on the site.

Though he also welcomed the extra spaces, Coun Symon Fraser said: "We're desperate to see this development take place.

"We just wish the developers would get on with it, as with the others, stop their internal wrangling and just deliver in Driffield."

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Post by zoe j » Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:54 pm

Of course our local councillers want the place up and running. Can't you just see them vying with each other for the best photo opportunity, and spouting their election rhetoric.....vote for us, we brought jobs to the town.

I wish they would show as much enthusism for the retention of services and beds at Driffield Hospital.

Nearly forgot......Tescos sell exceedingly cheap and cheerful knickers though!

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Post by zoe j » Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:58 pm

Anyone heard on the Grapevine who is going to take over the old Woolworth shop? It's getting to be a bit of an eye-sore.

I miss the place for a wander round and for music.

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Post by plook » Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:02 pm

Published Date: 17 October 2009
By Staff Copy

TREES may cause a new delay to work on a long-proposed new supermarket development in Driffield after councilors ruled on the issue. ( before you read on who will win, the trees or TESO?)

The new stumbling block emerged as plans to provide dozens of additional parking spaces at the Tesco store on George Street were considered by members of East Riding of Yorkshire Council's planning committee last Thursday.

Councilors agreed to follow planning officers' recommendations on the scheme for an extra 58 spaces.

They concluded the scheme should be deferred to allow for legal agreements to be completed about providing at least two hours of free public parking.

But they also ruled that further talks to agree a suitable compensation scheme for the loss of tree planting ( what does this mean)from the development should be completed before the application can be delegated for approval.

News of the latest hold-up to the scheme comes a week after political leaders in the town called for developers to deliver for local people.

As reported in last week's Driffield Times, councilor’s said continuing delays to the TESCO development, as well as retail schemes on the site of the town's former cattle market and Viking Center, were a constant frustration to residents.

And they warned the town was being "left behind" compared to other towns in the county.

Though one resident had objected to the plans – raising noise, nuisance and pollution concerns – the supermarket chain said the extra spaces would "further secure" the town as a retail destination.
( Its already is a retail destination)

Landscape officers had earlier reported to the committee that the existing trees on the site made a "significant contribution to the visual amenity of the area". ( the trees are winning!!)

But they added that the trees were of low quality and should not be retained where they posed a "significant constraint on the development". (TESCO 1 Trees 0).

Well fancy that

The full article contains 298 words and appears in Driffield Times newspaper.

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